A web browser specially designed for kids


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KIDO'Z is a web browser created especially for young children who, with a little adult supervision, can surf the net in an environment created especially for them and stay protected from accessing any inappropriate content.

From the minute it is installed, you will see how Kido'z takes over the entire screen, so the PC will remain safe while the child uses the browser. Also, its interface is quite attractive, with bright and well-defined colours, which make it even more attractive to children.

After setting up your own parent account (required to set the content the children can access) and different accounts for each child who will use the browser, the program is ready to use.

From the outset, the home screen displays some preset content, pages like Pocoyo and friends or the characters of Lazy Town. In each of these pages, children can find age-appropriate content ranging from interactive games to videos of their favourite drawings.

Naturally, all this content can be edited and moderated by the administrator, who, using their password, can access the content management panel and add, edit or delete the contents as deemed necessary.
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